Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Pirate Birthday Boy Leo

Hey guys sorry I haven't been up too date with my blog but I have been very very busy between shoots, editing and spending time with family. 

I got a call from Sweet Inspirations Events to take pictures at a 3yr old's birthday party which they decorated making it the most amazing Pirate themed party I have ever seen. Please make sure to check out their site sweetinspirationsevents.blogspot.com

Well here's a preview shot of the birthday boy Leonardo. 
I will post more pictures later this week. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Gleimy + Lenny | Dumbo Engagement

A week before Gleimy and Lenny's Wedding we were able to pull off a short notice Engagement shoot which was a complete success. Enjoy :) 

Wedding pictures at the beautiful Allegria Hotel, Long Beach will be posted up within the week.  

I couldn't resist but I just had to shoot on this wall :) 

"24 | 7"



This was pretty cool. While leaving the Brooklyn Bridge Park we came across a projector that was projecting words on this brick wall by texting them what you wanted to be put up. 

"Gleimy & Lenny 9/3011 [Day of the Wedding]"