Saturday, June 9, 2012

Trip to Puerto Rico 12'

This was a well needed vacation with the wifey! One of the most relaxing and stress-free vacations we have taken! :) We stayed at the El San Juan Restort & Casino. Amazing amazing resort!! Then we drove out to Old San Juan to visit El Morro. 

The resort surprised us with a bottle of champagne :) 

The view from our ocean villa! Heaven :) 


This trip turned me into a beach bum! Lol 


[Since 06']

[Old San Juan]

Old San Juan watch dogs lol 

Streets of Old San Juan 

This lady was so upset that I was taking pictures of her Lol 

Always on her phone..

 El Morro

That walk up to El Morro was brutal! Never again! Lol 

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