Friday, December 27, 2013

Andru + Taylor Zombie Wedding | New York City

When Andru reached out to me to shoot his Zombie Wedding on 11.12.13, I was absolutely thrilled! Get it? Zombie Wedding....Thrilled! (Don't mind me, Lol). After reading over the agenda Andru sent over I was super excited. From a Grey hound bus picking us up and the guest at the NYLO hotel on Broadway & 77th st. and taking us to three different locations where Andru & Taylor hired a group of "zombie" dancers to interrupt their ceremony at each location. The first location was at Time's Square, the 2nd location was at Central Park & the last location was in Uptown Manhattan. 

Despite the freezing weather (28 degrees out, the only day in November that it was this cold; of course!) I had such a great time with them

I would like to give a special shout out to the "Zombie" Dancers for dancing outside with only a shirt/long sleeve out in below 30 degree weather. YOU GUYS DID AN AMAZING JOB!! 

The best cake toppers I've seen. They had them specially done to look exactly like them. They did a terrific job! 

No better view, then the city view! 

First location, Times Square *WATCH OUT FOR THE ZOMBIES*

"The Ceremony"

.....when zombies attack!!

Second location! 

 Last location..the actual CEREMONY :)

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