Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Angely + Alex | Wedding Session - Fort Tryon Park, NYC

The morning of the shoot it was muggy and cloudy out. I remember Angely texting me saying "Good morning, Vinny. What a day; what a day! It looks like it might rain!!!". But as the day went by the sun came out and the day couldn't have been any better.

They got married at City Hall a week back. So she emailed me in regards to a photo session of just her and her Husband at Fort Tryon Park in Manhattan. It was all smiles from there!! The thought of knowing that I can take my time with the Bride & Groom was awesome!

Please read below as Angely shares her story on how she met Alex :)

From the Bride - “I met Alex the summer before we started college. He was working at his dad’s store. I thought he was cute, but strange; every time I went in there he’d go mute! One day, I was with a friend when he passed by and she mentioned he had confessed to having a crush on me. That night, I bought something and told him his secret was out, and he should give me his number or ask me out before the competition beat him to it. I asked him for ID because I didn’t date old timers. After telling me what a pushy weirdo I was, he consented, giving up the ID, # and setting a date. Then, he rushed me out like I hadn’t just made his night (playing it cool…). On our first date, he gave me a yellow rose explaining they symbolized friendship. We spent hours sharing stories about childhood, school, future careers, and being carefree. I remember feeling so at ease, like old friends catching up. That night, I put the flower on my dresser and I went to bed thinking, “I’d like to have him in my life forever.”
Today, I keep the dried yellow rose in a box, carry his love and friendship in my heart, still want him in my life forever, and that summer long ago marked its start. “

Shoes and Diamonds, a women's best friend.

The chemistry between these two was priceless. 

The sun was shining right through the archs. It couldn't have been better time! How awesome is that silhoutte? :)

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