Monday, October 14, 2013

Sweet Inspirations Events | Decor Detail Shots | Jericho Terrace, Long Island

It is always a pleasure to work with Carmen & Grace. They are well known for their detail pieces and the creativity they put into a dessert table to give each event a unique experience. Please scroll down to see all the images I shot for them. ENJOY!! :) 

Below is a small bio of what Sweet Inspirations Events is all about. 

"Sweet Inspirations Events is a boutique event planning company. We are Friends, turned Sister in Laws, turned Partners.We are individuals who compliment and feed off of each other. We love to create a genuine experience for all our clients.We have depended solely on word of mouth and so far, we have been grateful for the outcome. We love to serve our community, we like our events to be affordable. Most importantly we go out of our way to make your event, unique in every way. We are a family business in every sense of the word.Our husbands pack our truck, our sisters help us set up,our mothers, watch our kids, and sew our table cloths for our dessert tables.Any secret formula? Yes we keep it simple, we are hard workers just like you, pursuing a dream and in the process helping to make your event an unforgettable one"

L E T  T H E M  S T Y L E  Y O U R  N E X T  E V E N T ! ! !


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